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Different Types of T-Shirt Printing Methods

Have You Ever Worked Impossible?

Have you ever worked impossible for long hours with a t-shirt design for yourself or even a client, just to contain the printer tell you that your design won’t benefit t-shirt printing? This problem isn’t that uncommon, and I would like to supply you with a few easy techniques to prepare your artwork for printing on custom t shirts.

The easiest fix to this would be to lessen the depth inside the design inside the locations where aren’t necessary. The complexity with the design could end up being its downfall, turning parts in the design right into a muddy mess. For the elements within the design that can’t be removed, strengthen those parts to be thicker or try to rearrange them in areas that aren’t touching other colors. On the print side, request a tighter mesh screen in case your printer hasn’t already determined the requirement for one.

A Professional Tshirt Printer Brings Designs to Life

Direct to garment t shirts printing singapore printing is a relative newcomer in the context of textile printing, but is going for a growing following. The process works in a similar manner to that of a desktop ink … Read the rest